Futures 2.0
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Fully Customizable Futures Contracts
BTSE has upgraded conventional futures trading to Futures 2.0 - next generation futures contracts that adjust to your needs as a trader.
What are Crypto Futures?
A futures contract is an agreement to buy or sell a cryptocurrency at a specific price at a predetermined date in the future. You lock in the price and agree to either buying or selling it at that same price at a later point in time.
When trading futures, you’re not trading the cryptocurrency itself, but contracts based on it. This allows for more flexible trading options: because you’re not holding the cryptocurrency in a wallet, you can limit your exposure to its volatility and hedge against risks of unexpected price changes. In futures trading, you can also use leverage to maximize the returns you can generate with your capital. On BTSE, you can trade futures with up to 100x leverage.
Futures 2.0
BTSE's Futures 2.0 deliver a crucial technological innovation which no other Bitcoin futures options provide today: multi-asset margin and settlement.
When you trade futures contracts, you post a certain amount of funds as margin to back your position. Conventional cryptocurrency futures exchanges limit margin posting and contract settlement to one asset. For example, you would post margin in BTC and receive your payout in BTC. This restricts you in your trading strategies: you may not want to use BTC as your margin asset, or if you are going short, you may not like to receive your payout in the asset you are going short on.
BTSE is the first exchange to open up these boundaries. On BTSE, you can choose and combine your margin and settlement assets and freely design your futures contracts.
Product Traded
Monero (XMR - USD)
Margin Asset
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Settlement Asset
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How to Trade Futures 2.0 on BTSE
Read our step-by-step tutorial on trading Futures 2.0here, or check out the video tutorial.
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